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Cognitus: is a natural language processing API that supports classification, sentiment analysis, information extraction in text documents

Upload Text Data Upload training data (CSV, Excel, etc) to make the model learn.
Train & Test Use our web interface to train and test your Machine Learning model.
Integrate Integrate with any programming language through an API that will be instantly published.

Digital Commerce Enabler

Easily Sell and Manage Complex Communication Services Online!

The advanced Telaura Digital Commerce Enabler is specialized in marketing, selling and maintaining complex communication products and services online. It enables the management of all customer interactions seamlessly with back-end systems and constitution of an operator’s online presence; and comprises Web Self Care and Marketplace applications.


* View customer agreements, contracts, assets and details

* Sell and terminate bundles, services, products and add-ons

* Inquire bills, bill details, usage, remaining quota and account balance

* Inquire product-related information from external systems

* Commercial catalog and product gallery

* Change packages, renew contracts, and upsell/cross-sell

* Order validation (black list, SA and eligibility checks)

* Online chat and video streaming

* Appointment scheduling

* Rate and review offers

* Track orders & create/inquire trouble tickets

* Bill payments & bank payment orders


* Increase efficiency by deflecting customers from call centers and offices

* Increase online presence

* Increase customer satisfaction through customer-centric web & mobile self care


* On-premise

* On-cloud (private)