Engage. Monetize. Care.

Etiya is the leading Independent Software Vendor providing comprehensive Telco CRM, Catalog-Driven B/OSS, Social CRM, and Big Data Analytics to Communication & Digital Service Providers. Etiya is a pioneer that has been shaping the industry with its long-term experience and deep telecom knowledge. Founded and run by engineers, Etiya has become a fast growing software company with offices and customers in Canada, Singapore, UK, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

With its award-winning innovative products, its rapid deployments within 90 days, and its end-to-end implementation capabilities from consultancy to managed service, Etiya provides the most complete offer in the market. Etiya's transformational products are certified with the TeleManagement Forum (TM Forum) industry standards – this means, the products are industry-tested, industry-open, and future-proven. These products have been successfully implemented and proven in Tier-1 carriers and large incumbent CSPs.

As a thought leader, Etiya helps to define standards within the industry and its contributions to the telecommunication sector (worldwide) have been validated by the TM Forum by being a nominee of the Outstanding Contribution to Enabling Improved Business Agility 2016 and the winner of the Excellence Award for Customer Centricity 2015.

Engage. Monetize. Care. Now!

Engage.Monetize.Care. Now! means that Etiya helps its clients to engage any product, to monetize it through any channel and to any condition, and to care about their customer’s all needs.
Being a thought leader and global IT brand that satisfies the operators' needs worldwide by offering them agile, innovative, easily applied, flexible, and affordable products that stand out from the competition.
Provide innovative and individual solutions with predictable successful results to customers delivering high quality through agility, strategy, processes, and technology.
We value and respect the individual rights of all stakeholders.

We meet/exceed customers' expectations and reach their objectives on time and without errors.

We solve the customers' individual problems by providing customized solutions.

Quality Focus
We set clear expectations, invest in capacity, promote from within, and celebrate victories in order to set standards to hold quality at the highest level.

Through collaboration, velocity, trust, forethought, continuous improvement, and transparency, Etiya ensures the delivery of high quality products.

Through internal programs such as Etiya Labs, we drive innovation. We value and motivate our talent community to transform their talents into "value" that translates into innovative solutions for our customers.

Happy Employees = Happy Customer
We create a family atmosphere and value the people who work at Etiya, so we can transform our positive energy into creativity.

Our high motivation arises from the synergy power amongst our team members.