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Surveys indicate that HR employees spend %30-50 of their working hours by responding to employees' routine questions or executing repetitive tasks.

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Welcome Serdoo HR Chatbot

Serdoo HR Chatbot saves your HR department from the burden of routine questions with the help of NLP and AI based systems, sets more time aside for your HR employees and provides efficiency in your business.

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Give auto-responses to
in-company requests.

Your employees are the most important asset of your company. They all want their voices to be heard in the fastest way when they face a problem. Not responded on time, the requests will affect the efficiency and the motivation of your employees, which means the success of your business. Let the Serdoo HR Chatbot respond their questions and fasten the workflow.

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Jennifer HR Specialist

Interactive, precise and 24/7 online

Serdoo HR Chatbot supports your emloyees 24/7 with the data collected from the frequently asked questions and its continuous learning feature empowered by NLP and AI based infrastructure. Serdoo provides scheduled reports from your employees' requests & questions so you can easily decide your company's focus in the future strategy.

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Laura HR Specialist

1:1 Employee Communication

Get quick feedbacks on your employee surveys that you can not get returns for long days. Execute employee performance reports with our personalized analytics. Policies and regulations change constantly in different regions and countries. Train Serdoo HR Chatbot with your data to provide the appropriate information according to your employee's region without spending much time.

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Steven HR Specialist

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Time to Free your HR Department with Serdoo HR Chatbot.
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